Papers and Think-pieces

a selection from papers and reports, written or co-authored

2013 Uncovering-the-Politics-of-Evidence-and-Results-  A revised version of this framing paper for the 2013 Big Push Forward Conference was  published as a chapter in  R. Eyben, I. Guijt, C.Roche and C, Shutt (eds)  The Politics of Evidence in International Development: Playing the Game to Change the Rules?’  Practical Action

2012 ‘The hegemony crack’d. The power guide to getting care onto the development agenda. IDS Working Paper no. 411.  Why has unpaid care stayed largely invisible as a development policy issue and how power analysis can get care on the agenda.

2011 with M. Mukhopadhyay,Sohela Nazneen, Maheen Sultan,Agnes Apusigah and Dzodzi Tsikata Rights and_Resources.  The effects of external financing on women’s rights struggles.

2009 with F. Wilson ‘The capacity to have an effect. An efficacy study for the Caribbean Child Support Initiative/Bernard Van Leer Foundation  94pp.  This study explores how a regional network of committed individuals can influence policy.

2009 ‘Power, mutual accountability and responsibility in the practice of international aid: a relational approach; IDS Working Paper 305  .

2008 ‘Conceptualising policy practicesPathways of Empowerment Working Paper no.1 

2008 Stories of Empowerment A framework document for the DAC  POVNET Task Team on empowerment. Introduces a controversial methodology that obliges donors to recognize  in their practice that they are not the centre of the universe.

2008 with N.Kabeer and A. Cornwall ‘Conceptualising empowerment’ Background paper for the DAC Poverty Network.

2004 ‘Political and social inequality: a review essay for development practitioners with a background in the social sciences’  2003

Donors as political actors. Fighting the Thirty Years War in Bolivia’ IDS Working Paper  32pp, 2003. The first of several publications about Bolivia written after I came to IDS, donors as political actors’ is a phrase that thereafter became widely adopted in studies of international aid.