Rosalind Eyben is a feminist scholar and reflective writer who worked in international development practice and policy, as described in her book, International Aid and the Making of a Better World. In 2002, she resigned from the UK Department for International Development to join the Institute of Development Studies where she  researched power and relations in the  international aid system. This site archives many of Rosalind’ Eyben’s publications from that period.  She is now Emeritus Professorial Fellow at the Institute. 

From 2016, Rosalind’s interests shifted to British social history.  Her research into the lives of nineteenth century French and German-speaking immigrants in Brighton led her to writing about waiters and their trade unions at the turn of the 19th/20th centuries. She is currently completing a biography of her father, the trade union leader and politician, John Horner, while her interest in life history includes filmed conversations with  her friends about their lives.

Rosalind Eyben has recently been appointed Associate Researcher at the University of Sussex’s Centre for Life History.