Papers and studies


Below is a short selection from the papers and reports I have written or co-authored:

This final chapter of my book summarizes the seven facets of reflexive practice

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A revised version of this framing paper for the 2013 Big Push Forward Conference will be published as a chapter in  R. Eyben, I. Guijt, C.Roche and C, Shutt (eds) (forthcoming 2015)  The Politics of Evidence in International Development: Playing the Game to Change the Rules?’  Practical Action

  • 2012 ‘The hegemony crack’d. The power guide to getting care onto the development agenda. IDS Working Paper no. 411

Why has unpaid care stayed largely invisible as a development policy issue and how power analysis can get care on the agenda.

  • 2011 with M. Mukhopadhyay,Sohela Nazneen, Maheen Sultan,Agnes Apusigah and Dzodzi Tsikata Rights_and_Resources

This study explores how a regional network of committed individuals can influence policy

Introduces a controversial methodology that obliges donors to recognize  in their practice that they are not the centre of the universe.

The first of several publications about Bolivia written after I came to IDS, donors as political actors’ is a phrase that thereafter became widely adopted in studies of international aid.





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